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At Convict City we have a range of skate options from beginner through to advanced. We coach competitive, recreational and fitness skating classes. 

Our classes are for adults and juniors.

Introduction to Roller Derby

Convict City Rollers Introduction to Roller Derby is a ten week program offering skaters an introduction to the skating skills required to play roller derby. The CCR Intro to Derby program is for beginner skaters who can skate 3 laps unassisted and can stop and are interested in learning the fundamentals of roller skating techniques and safety. The program is offered 2 – 3 times per year and is open to those of all genders and aged 16 and over.

Successful completion of this program leads into our twelve week Learn To Derby program, followed by the WFTDA minimum skills testing. If you’re interested in joining learn to skate, please fill out the contact form for more information.

Learn to Derby

This program is designed to set skaters up for the WFTDA minimum skills test after completing the CCR Introduction to Roller Derby program. The twelve week Learn to Derby (Red Skater) program teaches the fundamentals of playing the sport of roller derby. Course content includes pack strategies, walling techniques and advanced skating skills.

This program is only open to skaters who pass Intro to Derby (or have the equivalent skills). 

Males who want to referee attend Red Training. Beyond that, they move into ref training. 

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If you’d like to join us at our next skater intake, or would just like to find out more about Senior Skating opportunities, please provide your details below.

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skater faq's

You don’t have to be a great skater to come along. We’ll teach you the basics in our Introduction to Derby classes, and build from there.

All we require is that you can skate 3 laps unassisted and stop safely. We can show you the rest! A good place to get in some practice is at Woody’s Skate and Play in Glenorchy.

We have classes for juniors and adults. You need to be 16 or over to join our adult Introduction to Roller Derby classes. We also have junior classes for ages 5+.

Our adult roller derby classes are for people who identify as female only. We welcome men to be involved as officials, and if refereeing is the path males want to take, then they progress through Introduction to Roller Derby class and red skater program, then transfer to referee training. 

Our junior classes and recreational classes are open to all genders.

Convict City welcomes skaters at all levels of fitness and ability.

Roller derby is a unique sport in that there is no typical body type. Skaters of all shapes and sizes are skilled and valued contributors to their team.

Training for roller derby will improve your fitness and confidence, no matter your starting point. Any additional health and fitness activities you undertake outside roller derby can complement and support your skating. The higher the level of gameplay, the more conditioning is required.

In a word, yes! Skating is a great way to get in shape and most of our skaters started off in exactly the same way. Everyone has to start somewhere – all we need from you is a little determination.

In order to skate at your first session, you will need access to quad skates and full safety gear – helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, mouthguard. We have everything to hire (except the mouthguards!) for the duration of the Introduction to Roller Derby Course.

While we recognise that the initial outlay for equipment can be expensive, especially when you’re starting out – safety is non-negotiable and you cannot skate without the above. 

Once you are ready to buy your own gear, ask our coaches and they can point you in the right direction for gear at great prices, both new and secondhand.

Yes. All of our skaters need to be insured with Skate Victoria. Prices vary and start from $35 for a one-month trial or recreational skating.  Annual insurance prices range from $60 – $90 depending on your skating level. 

Check our About Roller Derby page for a quick rundown of the sport, and links to the rule set.

No. Not at first! As a skater starting out it can feel quite overwhelming having to learn skate skills and the rules of the game, so we focus on skate skills first and introduce the rules stuff slowly as you go.

Our fantastic crew of referees and non-skating officials will be on hand to teach you the rules of roller derby in more depth when you start training. New skaters often find it helpful to come along to our scrimmages and be an NSO (Non-skating Official) in order to learn more about how roller derby works.

You can of course find The Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby here on the Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby Association (WFTDA) website.

Our Introduction to Derby classes are for new skaters! If you’ve never put on a pair of skates, or only skated as a kid many years ago, we’ll teach you all the skills you’ll need to skate and fall safely. No experience necessary, but we do require that you can skate 3 laps unassisted and stop safely. 

Look for our next Introduction to Roller Derby classes on our Facebook events page and our events page on our website.

We run Introduction to Roller Derby classes 2 – 3 times per year. They fill up quick, so be sure to get your registration in when you see them announced. 

At present they are run on Thursday evenings from 5.45 – 7.15 at our home venue, C-Block in North Hobart. 

All of our training sessions and home games take place in our very own venue called C-Block.

You’ll find our home on Federal Street, North Hobart, and the entrance is just opposite The Winston and behind the Italian Day Centre. 

Wear something that you can move comfortably in. You will probably get quite sweaty and will need room for leg movement – so leave the jeans and jumpers at home. Most skaters tend to wear shorts or leggings with vests or t-shirts. We do an off skates warm up, so bring sneakers.

Alongside the will to come and give it a go, you just need to bring your sneakers, mouthguard and a drink bottle. You also need skates, protective pads and a helmet.

We have plenty of pads, helmets and quad skates for you to hire, so you don’t need to buy everything before you’re ready to commit to the sport. If your shoe size is outside the usual 3 – 12 range, then you might want to drop us a message to check we have your size before you turn up.

If you have your own gear, even better!

You’re more than welcome to attend our Introduction to Roller Derby classes if you just want to learn how to skate, but please be aware that they are very much tailored towards roller derby.

If you want to skate, but don’t like the idea of hitting people on skates, you could go down the officiating path and learn how to become a roller derby referee. Come along to our Intro to Derby sessions as usual, and then we’ll put you in touch with our Officiating Crew, who will be more than happy to welcome you. We also have Skate Fitness and recreational classes we can move you onto.

You are our new favourite person! Along with referees, a roller derby game also requires a group of Non-skating Officials (NSOs) to help officiate the game. If you love statistics and sticking to the rules, then you’ll love being an NSO.

If this sounds like you, then we can put in touch with our Head NSO, who will introduce you to the world of NSO’ing.

No problem! Simply fill in the contact form / click the FB messenger button on this page and we’ll be in touch.

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